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Memberships are available at a monthly rate. You get access to brand new equipment such as pottery wheels, slab rollers, pottery forms, extruders and tons of pottery tools. Clay is not included in the memberships, but can be bought at the studio. Firing of any work created while working in the studio is included, kilns are run on a weekly basis. We have 6 dipping glazes available for member use as well. Studio sign up sheets are released via email once every two weeks, where members can pick 3 hour time slots to work.  Members have access 6-7 days a week.

Additional sign up information will be emailed once you have registered. 

**New members must have working studio knowledge or experience and complete a studio tour and policy review before first session

  • A single or double 36"w x 18"deep shelf is yours exclusively for keeping your work on. 

  • Memberships are not designed to accommodate production or high volume potters.

  • 1 glaze fire and 1 bisque fire per week, 2 week turnaround on all work depending on volume

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